Celebrities passionate about the health and wellness benefits of yoga are just one reason it has become huge in the UK’s mainstream fitness market. It has gone past the stage of being a fringe, spiritual activity into a common sight at leisure facilities within the UK’s £4.7 billion health and fitness industry. Note that to the delight of hundreds of thousands of people who have discovered its fitness and stress-relieving benefits, yoga has also become popular to teach, as well as learn.

A lot of instructors in the United Kingdom provide yoga classes as a sideline to other health and fitness services, while others have established ventures primarily focused on it, including yoga retreats in the UK and overseas. Other ways businesses have grown in the field of yoga is to offer private tuition at home, run corporate yoga classes on company contracts or offer it in schools and prisons. Some even train yoga instructors who can spread the word and increase access.

If you’re an entrepreneur starting a yoga studio, you have two options: Start your own studio or purchase a franchise. Yoga studio franchising is fast becoming a viable option for entrepreneurs looking to start their own yoga Studio.

If you start a franchise yoga studio, you sign a long-term commitment with the franchise. Have it in mind that joining an existing yoga brand as a franchisee is a fast-track to success in the yoga industry. Established brands have proven models that work, and it’s possible to replicate their success nation-wide.

Franchise deals provide you with business management support, referral systems, marketing help and even training if you need that. Franchisers can also provide help with technology and insurance that even the smallest yoga enterprises now require.

Franchising is a proven business model. The risk of starting a franchise business is significantly lower than starting a yoga studio on your own. It’s more like starting a Starbucks franchise as opposed to starting your own coffee shop.

In addition, always remember that yoga franchises have years of experience in the industry. They have taken time to develop their brand, copyrighted marketing strategies, and have provided the best software for yoga studios. If you are interested in acquiring a yoga Studio Franchise, here are top opportunities in the United Kingdom to consider.

7 Yoga Studio Franchise Opportunities in UK and Their Cost

  1. Go Yoga – £12,000

Founded in 2013, Go Yoga offers a vast range of yoga classes for beginners and for experienced clients. The company believes the goal should be well-being rather than purely technical proficiency and achievement. The classes are offered in dedicated yoga studios.

Note that all sessions are music-based rather than conventional yoga sessions. The music used ranges from classical to hip-hop in order to suit different types of yoga and customer needs. This makes the Go Yoga experience unique and vibrant.

And just like with all yoga, the focus is on mind, body, and spirit. The emphasis at a Go Yoga studio is on promoting well-being, a sense of belonging, the community, and connections with self and others.

Note that every customer is encouraged to find the right type and level of yoga for them, and classes are flexible enough to accommodate different needs and levels. This range, versatility, and flexibility mean that customers can build a relationship with one trainer and find the level and type or mix of disciplines that is ideal for them.


  • Franchise Investment: £12,000
  1. Kalma Baby – £5,995

Kalma Baby teaches children from 6 weeks to around 18 years yoga in a fun and innovative way. Promoting children’s health and well-being, it strives to make yoga easily accessible to children in the UK. Established in 2014, it has 15 franchises delivering classes privately in schools and nurseries in the North East of England. Kalma Baby is looking for passionate people wanting to run their own children’s yoga business, in their own area of the UK.

Have it in mind that all training is accredited through the IICT and CPD standards agency. Kalma Baby holds a good accreditation with the Children’s Activities Association. Training is provided to cover all aspects of teaching kids yoga and running your business in-house.  A year-long mentoring program and marketing support is available all the way.


  • Franchise investment: £5,995.
  1. Bootcamp Pilates – £63,000 – £82,000

Bootcamp Pilates is a fitness franchise that started back in 2001 in California by founder Dominique Day who forged together the concepts of Pilates into a bootcamp style workout. Presently, Bootcamp Pilates has grown into offering Personal Training, recreational Reformer Pilates as well as keeping to their roots with their range fusion classes of multiple training disciplines.

According to their website, the average site will earn £171,400 in year one and turng a profit of £75,589 by the end of year. This fitness class franchise success is determined by your willingness to generate clients and run more classes, but you won’t be on your own, Bootcamp Pilates offers a 6-week intensive training course, central marketing and business management training to help you along the way.

You will also get business planning advice, your very own website, a pre-sales launch and of course your very own Bootcamp palates studio fully kitted out with the latest functional equipment.


  • Franchise Investment: £63,000 – £82,000.
  1. Sandstone Yoga & Pilates

Sandstone Yoga & Pilates is a well known, nationally recognised brand with an authentic history in the UK market. Starting humbly in Michelle Nicklin’s attic less than a decade ago, Sandstone Yoga has grown phenomenally over the last few years to become a leading light in the Industry.

The current pandemic situation is revolutionising the way the brand does business, and Sandstone has been well placed to capitalize on the online movement. The Sandstone brand continues to increase its reach. With yoga, palates, meditation and mindfulness dropping into the mainstream, there’s never been a greater time to make this industry your choice to open a flexible lifestyle business.


  • Franchise Investment: £9,950
  1. Tots Play

Tots Play offers unique, multi-activity developmental play classes for babies and toddlers from birth to 4 years. Putting together the benefits of massage, yoga, music, signing, sensory and physical play with even more fun, Tots Play is every class a child needs in one!

Tots Play classes run across the UK! If you would like to work around your family, earn a great income, be part of a successful, growing team AND love what you do – then a Tots Play franchise could be just what you are looking for. Take the first step to making the change that your life needs and get in touch today.


  • Franchise investment: £3,995
  1. Hybrid Fitness

They claim to be absolutely passionate about everything fitness and want others to experience the same result driven training they bring to every one of their clients. They also believe the benefits of a studio/gym are endless so they have established a unique blend of facilities that cater to all needs.

With Hybrid you have the ability to tailor your club to compete with your local market. By working with this company, they will help you to create a totally unique, bespoke training environment and experience for your members. They combine the benefits of a traditional gym environment with high-end strength and conditioning spaces and studio environment.


  • Franchise Investment: £225,000
  1. Hot Pod Yoga

Hot Pod Yoga was founded back in 2013 by yoga teacher Nick and strategy consultant Max Henderson. They had pop up classes around London before franchising the model later that same year with their first franchise in Swansea. Presently, they have over 50 locations spread out over 8 countries and have become the world’s largest yoga pod franchise.

If you’re not conversant with hot yoga, it’s very similar to traditional yoga, but performed at a high temperature, normally around 37 degrees and involves slower deeper poses and more complex movements. If you take advantage of this yoga franchise opportunity you will get your very own Hot pod and ecosystem, 200k per year potential income and support from the Hot Pod Yoga team during set-up and ongoing.


  • Franchise Investment: £12,000 – £20,000

If you’re looking to start a yoga Studio franchise, you must do your due diligence and research, including finding out the costs, upfront and ongoing fees, the size of the brand, break even points and the revenue streams to be able to make an informed decision. A yoga studio franchise should help you with all the systems, processes and training to be successful.