One wonderful thing about web design is that it doesn’t take very much to start an agency. You don’t need to put more than a few hundred in the pot, especially if you aim to grow, like so many others, from your living room. Also, you don’t need to have a doctorate in online design or advanced programming, either.

Perhaps the most important skills and qualifications for starting in web design are a certain amount of know-how, an open mind, and a thirst for knowledge. To have a successful web design business you need to attract good clients. Note that the attitude of “any client is a good client” will not get you very far.

Aside from giving you all the flexibility of running your own company, coupled with a proven business model and an established support network, buying into a reputable franchise can help you attract quality clients and companies. By joining a web design and digital marking franchise, you get all this and more as you will be operating in an exciting and ever-evolving industry that carries plenty of financial and lifestyle benefits.

Although you will be marketing, selling, and consulting on websites to local businesses, you may not be required to have any experience of web design or development to operate a successful Web design franchise. As a franchisee, you will have a team of professional web designers and developers working with you to create fantastic websites for your customers, and full training will surely be provided to ensure your product knowledge is second to none.

According to reports, in 2019, a whopping 82% of adults in the UK bought goods or services online, with 79% accessing the internet through a mobile device. This simply means that there’s an enormous amount of potential business online, but incredibly, a large amount of small UK companies have no form of internet presence at all, and many of these UK businesses do not have a responsive website.

When you buy into a Web design franchise, you will be marketing and selling fully responsive websites that adapt seamlessly to mobile devices, offering businesses throughout your business territory a much-required service that is hugely popular. Nonetheless, here are top web design franchises in the United Kingdom;

16 Profitable Web Design Franchise Opportunities in UK and Their Cost

  1. – £8,000

You can start your own website business with a franchise. A franchise offers you the opportunity to become the go-to name for businesses in your area when it comes to their website and online footprint.

The company’s design team builds the websites, so you won’t be bogged down in the tech: you will promote, consult on, and sell it’s website packages to local SMEs, as well as provide a range of digital marketing services that help enhance your profits.


  • Franchise investment: £8,000
  1. Blam – £14,997

The company’s mission is to create successful tech entrepreneurs across the globe, whilst giving a competitive edge to small businesses worldwide. They provide their partners with their very own website and app design business, set up and ready to go within days of making their initial investment.

All of the websites and apps are built by the prestigious Blam team of professional designers. Full sales training and business support are provided by the company expert business consultants which entail that all partners don’t need any design or sales skills to become a Blam Partner.


  • Franchise investment: £14,997
  1. WSI – £45,259 – £70,269

For more than 20 years WSI (We Simplify the Internet) franchise has been helping its franchisees to succeed in digital marketing. The chain offers full-service Internet consulting, education, and marketing services. WSI digital marketing franchise opportunities are recognized as one of the top franchise businesses for sale in the world. This means that by opening a WSI internet franchise, the entrepreneur gets a well-established business model with a rational cost and profit balance.


  • Franchise Investment: £45,259 – £70,269
  1. Activ Net Marketing Franchise

The Activ franchise, one of the most well-established internet franchises in the UK, enables you to work from home, working part-time or full-time hours, while building a profitable and sustainable business. Note that you don’t need to have any technical expertise either as you will receive some of the very best franchise support available in the industry.

As an Activ franchisee, you will help thousands of potential customers in your area to develop their websites. Both new and existing small businesses and will receive your web marketing services to build or revamp their online presence. You will also be able to add value by improving their visitor traffic through SEO and social media marketing techniques.


  • On Demand
  1. Auditel: £19,950+VAT or £39,950+VAT

This chain delivers procurement, supply-chain management, and business transformation solutions to organizations of wide-ranging industry sectors and sizes. Since 1994, over 3,000 UK clients have benefitted from Auditel franchised consultants unlocking wasted expenditure.

Auditel’s network of around 100 franchised consultants have experience across all areas of expenditure, from everyday costs such as Business Consumables, Utilities, and Communications through to more specialized areas such as Waste Management, Compliance, Logistics, Managed Print Services, Finance or Building and Maintenance costs.


  • Franchise Investment: Two models available: £19,950+VAT or £39,950+VAT
  1. SmartPAs: £15,000

Note that you will reap the amazing rewards of flexible working, a collaborative mindset, comprehensive training, sales and brand marketing, ongoing training and mentoring programs, and more. At the forefront of the Personal Assistant, Administrative and Business Support sector, the network of SmartPAs has grown to over 300.

And they are the world leaders in delivering transformative services to over 3000 clients in every part of the globe. Founded by 2020’s Business Woman of The Year, Sarra Bejaoui – you will be joining a team of inspirational leaders and innovative thinkers.


  • Franchise Investment: £15,000
  1. Eazi-apps: £7,995

You can join the Eazi-Business network and deliver a range of COVID-ready solutions to local businesses. This company has seen a huge rise in the demand for mobile apps, food ordering systems, and eCommerce. This is your opportunity to generate a repeat income providing these essential digital services.

You can work from home building mobile apps for local businesses – no coding skills required, earn a repeat income supplying in-demand COVID ready food ordering systems, increase your revenue delivering branding services, SEO, and cutting-edge websites, and also support local businesses with their digital transformation in a fast changing world.


  • Franchise Investment: £7,995
  1. Zedcomms

The Zedcomms franchise offers you an opportunity to quickly start your own branded marketing agency to serve local businesses in your protected area. You can work from home as a lifestyle business or build a team. You can work part time or full time.

Zedcomms offers you the flexibility you need, whilst earning from a rewarding business model you can trust. The company sells competitively priced effective marketing products and services to Small to Medium Businesses, helping them maximize their business presence on the Internet, freeing them up to concentrate on their business.


  • On Demand
  1. AlphaGraphics: £138,856 – £276,919

This is a franchised chain of owned and operated marketing service providers with full-service print shops. AlphaGraphics business centers are franchised by AlphaGraphics, Inc., part of the Blackstreet group of companies. AlphaGraphics was founded by entrepreneur Rodger Ford in Tucson, Arizona, in 1969, and began franchising in 1979.

Presently, the AlphaGraphics network is made up of more than 260 owner-operated business centers located in the United States, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom. Franchisees employ approximately 3,900 employees worldwide, while AlphaGraphics, Inc., the corporate franchisor, employs approximately 45.


  • Franchise Investment: £138,856 – £276,919
  1. Nettl

This company provides a complete, end-to-end solution that helps you deliver more web solutions for your clients. From marketing collateral and central leads, through to clever systems, then to help pitch and streamline web projects.

It also includes the support of a central team of Geeks, who do the clever technical stuff. Using our Geeks allows you to focus on selling web and making use of your internal graphic design resource, without getting bogged down in the more technical aspects. It’s a smarter way of working.


  • Not available
  1. Tenacious Techies: £2,000

This company provides complete digital marketing solutions for small and medium size businesses. Since 2011 they have developed a powerful solution for various industries likes Restaurants, Event Management Companies, Cinemas, E-Commerce businesses, and many more. They boast of being a one stop online marketing solution company providing website design, app development, and digital marketing.


  • Franchise Investment: £2,000
  1. Website Design Partnership Franchise: £20,000

This franchise has a unique, tried, and tested marketing and delivery system with a track record of success with its in-depth six-week online outstanding teaching modules, giving you ALL the tools and knowledge you need to move forward to become part of a successful business franchise.

The Website Design Partnership Franchise offers a comfortable, enjoyable and secure income business model, endorsed by the major UK Brands including British Airways, Unilever, British Telecom, and Rover Cars. You will be offering a top of the range and effective website service in very high demand throughout the country.


  • Franchise Investment:£20,000
  1. Telcoinabox: £9,000 or £20,000

This franchise is making waves throughout the UK telecoms industry and proving that Australia was just the beginning. Telcoinabox is a business opportunity, for individuals or established businesses, wanting to sell quality telecommunications products at highly competitive prices.

The business is backed by the company’s world-class model, systems, support, and infrastructure. For people looking to start their own business or looking to create a new revenue stream and add telecoms to an existing business portfolio, this is a great opportunity for you!


  • Franchise Investment:£9,000 or £20,000
  1. Signarama, Inc: £80,109 – £214,910

They provide full sign and graphic services to private and commercial segments and offers logo design and graphic design services, and digital printing services. The company was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida.


  • Franchise Investment: £80,109 – £214,910
  1. Minuteman Press: £25,000

This is a complete marketing and printing solutions provider that has helped businesses grows for over 40 years. They have developed an exceptional business plan that provides services and products that each business needs for their operations, in addition to their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Their unique franchise opportunity offers regular business hours, a wide selection of in-demand business services, proprietary business management software, and outstanding continuing support. Prior experience is not necessary to operate a Minuteman Press franchise.


  • Franchise Investment: £25,000
  1. Code Ninjas

Established in 2016, Code Ninjas is the world’s largest and fastest-growing kids coding franchise, with more than 220 locations open across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. At Code Ninjas, kids learn to code while building their own video games.

Prior to launch, franchise owners attend UK-based training, led by the company’s team of franchising experts. Throughout the 50+ hours of specialist training, you will find out how to maximize marketing opportunities, recruit the best coding talent to deliver your curriculum and how to keep students and their families engaged.


  • On Demand

Equipped with the right mindset, ambition, and passion, joining a website design franchise can set you up for long-term success. With an extensive protected territory and a sought-after product, when you partner with any of the Franchises above, your income potential is truly uncapped.