According to reliable reports, the UK travel industry has been growing especially since everyone needs to travel every now and then. Traveling is sometimes seen as a lifestyle. This makes the travel business a beneficial opportunity for future travel agency franchise owners.

Many travel franchises often require lower start-up value and let you operate your business right from your home. Note that the UK travel and leisure sector remains one of the most lucrative areas of business, covering a vast range of opportunities.

From nights out at the pub to a quiet night’s dining with friends, from novelty experiences to memorable day trips and travels further afield, note that the UK public is quite eager to explore the bizarre, the unusual, and the exotic. Owing to this growing demand, travel agencies now offer a wide range of great holidays and adventure-type experiences, while pampering and luxury events are becoming increasingly popular.

While this is a complex and challenging sector for a new stand-alone business, a travel agency franchise provides you with the necessary branding that customers will trust when booking their precious holidays. It also arranges the training, contacts, and technology you need to flourish.

Top Travel Agency Franchises in the UK

If you’re keen to build a high-yield, high-growth business for the long term, then look at the following travel agency franchises;

  1. The Travel Franchise

The Travel Franchise & Not Just Travel remains one of the most notable travel companies in the United Kingdom. Have in mind that this is an independent travel company that provides a friendly, one-to-one travel service, knowledge, and experience of more than 700 caring travel professionals all over the UK.

  1. MTC Travel

Owing to the mind-blowing growth of the travel market in recent years, MTC Travel is well-positioned to provide willing entrepreneurs with the opportunity to join its team of franchise partners, wherewith great experience and expertise you can easily start and run your own specialist travel business that provides clients with a vast range of travel destinations at some very affordable prices.

  1. Global Travel Group

This well-renowned company operates travel agencies in the United Kingdom. It provides very lucrative business opportunities for anyone willing to start, grow, and pilot a travel agency from home or well-selected business premises. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, the Global Travel Group inspires people to start and run their own successful businesses within the dynamic world of travel.

  1. Explorer Travel

This company is renowned as UK’s largest and most successful travel franchise. Have it in mind that Explorer Travel offers a unique opportunity to run a successful internet travel franchise using a proven formula. You don’t need to have any industry experience to purchase this franchise. Explorer Travel is ABTA bonded (L3832) and has ATOL and IATA facilities.

  1. The Holiday Franchise Company

According to reports, this company was started by travel professionals with the sole purpose of bringing its exciting offerings to those with a passion for travel, and those who love the freedom of running their own business. When you Franchise with this company, you gain access to 500+ suppliers.


With over 60 franchisees & the backing of Fred. Olsen Travel, GoCruise & Travel remains a top-rated UK cruise agency. In recent times, cruising has become a more common activity as more and more people prefer to cruise for the holidays and even weekends. Note that this company has the latest offers from all the top cruise lines and is a member of major travel organizations: ABTA, ATOL, CLIA, and BFA.

Steps to Open a Travel Agency Franchise in the UK

Indeed, people in the UK love their holidays. Business travel has also remained a lucrative sector. However, note that one of the best ways to achieve success in this overly competitive market is a travel agency franchise. To do this successfully, here are steps to guide you;

  1. Carry Out Your Research

There are many franchising opportunities in the travel and leisure industry, and a prospective franchisee has loads of options to pick from. Note that a good amount of travel agency franchise opportunities are waiting to be discovered, and among them, there’s sure to be one that aligns with your business needs and goals. So you need to carry out adequate research to find the one that suits you perfectly.

  1. Assess Your Skills

A good number of franchise opportunities will be available to you even if you lack industry experience. Note that each franchise will explicitly note its individual requirements, and most will inform you of everything they want their ideal franchisee to be. To help get you ready, here are a few basic soft skills that would make you a viable travel agent:

  • Ambition and passion
  • Confidence and charisma
  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  1. Put Together a Business Plan

When you’re meeting with a potential franchisor and applying for funding, most often you will be expected to present a comprehensive franchise business plan that features key elements such as:

  • An executive summary
  • A business description
  • Product descriptions
  • Management summary
  • Market analysis
  • Operational rules and guidelines
  • Sales and marketing rules and guidelines
  • Financial projections and needs
  1. Gain Any Necessary Qualifications

Although there are no specific qualifications needed to start or venture into this business, if you intend to put yourself ahead of the competition, then you should consider applying for a travel and tourism diploma to learn the basics of working in the industry.

Travel-specific courses can teach you a vast range of industry-appropriate skills like how to deal with customers and complaints, cultural awareness, business management, the fundamentals of marketing, project management, and sustainability.

  1. Seek Legal Advice

When you find a suitable franchise opportunity and become a franchisee, you’ll be expected to sign a franchise agreement. This is more or less a legally binding contract between two parties, and you must go through it carefully with a legal professional before signing, to ensure that everything is correct.


Franchising is, without doubt, an enticing way to own and build your own business and experts note that entrepreneurs are far more likely to attain success via the franchising model than if they try to start from scratch. However, there is a lot to consider while choosing the best one for you. Ensure to pay attention to the reputation of the brand, what training and support are provided, and check if the other franchisees are successful.