The overall photographic industry in the UK generates close to £1.7 billion per year. With Over 8,000 distinct businesses operating within the UK photographic industry, reports have it that these businesses have grown at a rate of 2% per annum over the past four years (2014-2018). This number is well above the average growth of the UK economy.

In addition, close to 18,000 people are directly employed by UK photography businesses. For an industry as small as this, this is definitely an impressive number. Customers are still very eager to record their special moments and these customers can be extremely selective when it comes to choosing photography services, and that is why acquiring a known photography franchise is such a good way to start your photography business.

You are instantly part of a brand which is recognized and trusted, rather than having to build up an extensive portfolio or client base. Notably, there are countless photography franchise opportunities for you to choose from, so there’s sure to be a niche that appeals to you.

Whatever type of photography franchise you’re keen to invest in, you can be confident that there’s an option out there that perfectly suits your skill set, your interests and also your budget. Here are top photography franchise opportunities in the UK.

12 Photography Franchise Opportunities in UK and Their Cost

  1. Barrett & Coe

This company is all about photography, and the name can actually be traced back to the mid-19th century, at the dawn of photography. This is where the Coe family started their photographic career, only leaving their Norwich centre premises in 2009! Barrett & Coe is one of the largest wedding and portrait photography companies in the UK.

The company’s highly trained former students run the various studies across the country, each one hand picked from one of Barrett & Coe’s informative and well-regarded photography courses. Only the very best students are selected, ensuring that each Barrett & Coe studio is run by dedicated, talented photographers who not only understand how a great picture is taken, but who are also loyal to the company as a whole.


  • Franchise Investment: £8,500
  1. Photography for Little People

The company was established in 2005 by mother and daughter duo Jan Massey and Melanie Kemp. They decided to combine their love for children and photography to create a unique, and family friendly service.

It started as a humble booth that rented a barrow in a shopping centre, and now has sites across the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore. Photography for Little People is a franchise that specialises in capturing the beautiful candid moments of newborns, infants, toddlers, and the whole family.


  • Franchise Investment: £16,995 +VAT
  1. HZ Entertainment

This company offers a fantastic, fun and affordable five-star business opportunity. As a photographer, you will love working with global & local brands and being part of the very best events the UK has to offer. HZ Entertainment is a fast-paced family run business which started in 2012 in Milton Keynes, UK with the intention of bringing innovation, fun and something fitness related.

That’s when Hamsterzorb and Inflatable Photobooth were born! They’ve found the demand for their brands so great and vast that they now, more than ever, need to provide a franchise network to help them service their customer demand.

  1. DE Photo

This is UK and Ireland’s largest school, sport, corporate and events photography company. This company has been successfully providing print-on-site event photography since 1992. DE Photo has captured the best from more than 40,000 events spread across its 35 print-on-site vehicles.

Now you can take part in this success story. Founded over 15 years ago – and with over 35 successful franchise areas operating in the UK, DE Photo franchise offers a complete and proven sports and event franchise operation containing all the essential elements for you to launch and develop your own DE Photo Business in your exclusive Territory.


  • Franchise Investment: £14,950
  1. Venture Studios

As a Venture Studios franchisee, you will have the opportunity to make an average annual turnover of £440,000. The Venture model is designed to generate earnings for franchisees of 10 -15% of turnover, in addition to a salary of approximately £25,000. In fact, their top performing UK studios generate sales over £700,000.

The earning potential of a Venture Studio is comparable with many much larger franchises on the market; however, with start-up costs starting at just £70,000, (compared to three times this number for other franchise opportunities) the potential return on investment with Venture studios is exceptional.


  • Franchise Investment: £35,000
  1. FYEO Portraits

FYEO Portraits is a specialist female team of photographers and make-up artists. They are experts at creating flattering portraits of brides, regardless of age or body shape, as a personal gift for both bride and groom to treasure forever.


  • On Request
  1. Living Portraits

They are a specialist dog and equine photographic portrait company with operations throughout the United Kingdom. Started by the husband and wife team of Chris and Julia, they benefit not only from their teamwork and warm family work environment, but also from their professional expertise.

Chris received an art college degree and then spent many years building up an impressive client portfolio in the advertising and commercial sector. Julia has an advertising and design background, as well as administrative experience! This company specialize in creating striking and everlasting images of animals, displayed using only the highest quality canvas and bespoke hand-crafted frames. Living Portraits are renowned for their classical style, creating authentic images that resemble the style of portrait paintings.


  • On Request
  1. Hey Baby

This company started as a modest, privately owned pregnancy ultrasound clinic in the East Midlands. Having developed and grown the business from strength to strength, the owners decided to help others who wish to embark on a journey in this unique and magical industry.

Hey Baby is founded on 4 key principles – Fun, Family, Fairness and Flexibility. All Franchisees and employees all live and breathe these principles every day. And the best part – they LOVE what they do!


  • Not available
  1. ABC Photography

These are professional mobile photographers specialising in child and family portrait photography, within nursery schools, playgroups and toddler groups. An ideal candidate for this franchise is someone who enjoys working with children and has an interest in photography.


  • Franchise Investment:£7,500
  1. The Best Magic Mirrors

From starting with just a laptop and great support from friends and family, they have spent 5 years developing, growing and refining the business into the successful model that works today.

This includes the Magic Mirror concept which takes the Photobooth concept a stage further. New franchisee’s will benefit from all the hard work and can simply hit the ground running, turning over sales within a week or two.


  • Franchise Investment: £5,700
  1. Red Rock Entertainment

This is a film finance company, based at Elstree Studios in Borehamwood, home to some of the biggest TV shows on British television and the studio of choice for many successful British films.

Working in conjunction with a number of UK production companies to raise equity for film, TV programmes and film distribution, Red Rock Entertainment offer a number of tax efficient investment opportunities


  • Franchise Investment: £6,000
  1. Opus Media

OPUS MEDIA was founded by Paul Furlong with a belief that storytelling and the power of video and photography production can bring a brand to life and connect with an audience in a way that converts thoughts and feelings into results and revenue.

Storytelling is what connects us as humans; for brands, it is no different. Thus Company help organisations tell their story, informed by their brand strategy, electively positioning their organisation in the minds and hearts of their audience.


  • Franchise Investment: £15,000

The UK photography sector is an ever-growing and increasingly profitable one, and you can tap into this growing market by making an investment in one of the best photography franchises for sale today. From specialist family photography businesses to mobile photo booth suppliers, the opportunities are endless for money-making potential, and the time has never been better to take advantage of the demand for preserved memories.