Do you want to move, live and start a business in Birmingham? Or you need help settling down and finding your way around Birmingham? If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then you are welcome to; the most helpful “How to” guide for everything Birmingham.

Birmingham is a city located in the West Midlands of England. It is the second-largest city, second-largest metropolitan area, and third-largest urban area in the United Kingdom, with roughly 1.2 million inhabitants within the city area.

It has 2.8 million inhabitants within the urban area, and 4.3 million inhabitants within the metropolitan area. The city proper is the most populated English local government district. Birmingham grew to prominence as a center of manufacturing and engineering but the economy of Birmingham is dominated by the service sector, which accounted for 88% of the city’s employment in 2012.

Being the core of the industrial revolution and the birthplace of well-known establishments like Lloyd’s Bank and Cadbury’s, it is a city with a history in almost all notable sectors of business in the country. In recent times, it has grown to become a very vital commercial center, both nationally and internationally, and also home to big names, especially in the world of accounting, finance, marketing, and management.

Have it in mind that the city’s reputation as a haven for new entrepreneurs is growing every day. There is a massive influx of aspiring entrepreneurs into the city to take advantage of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and network.

For five years straight, aside from London, the city of Birmingham has produced the highest number of new businesses in the UK. With affordable office space, new developments, and a talent base, the city of Birmingham is perfectly suited for new businesses looking to get up and scale up successfully.

How to Get Started on

1. Business ideas Based on Industry

An idea is the foundation of any business. It is the seed that sprouts the greatest businesses of the world. Unfortunately, as minute, simple and intangible an idea is; most people have a hard time coming up with a winning business or product idea. In this section, we provide you with small business ideas spanning several industries in Birmingham, UK and a “How to” guide to help you take your business from idea to product launch.

2. Sample Business Plans

An idea is just an idea, without a blueprint or execution plan; your idea is worth nothing. In this section, we provide you a corresponding sample template to help you write a business plan and marketing plan for your idea.

3. Moving to Birmingham

If you’re very eager to move to Birmingham permanently, the good news is that it is very possible, and you have various routes to achieve that purpose. However, the bad news is twofold, but depending most often on your aim for moving. This section will help you navigate these obstacles successfully.

4. Living in Birmingham

The cost of living in Birmingham is actually rising. Understanding how much it will cost you to live in certain cities and provinces is a major factor in determining where to live. Your cost of living can include the costs of key necessities. This section will highlight what these key necessities are in the major cities of Birmingham.

5. Starting a Business

Starting and running a successful business in Birmingham, UK requires not just knowledge but a certain set of skills. In this section, we will provide undiluted startup advice for entrepreneurs seeking to develop their entrepreneurial/business skills and navigate the murky waters of running a business. We will also analyze the various challenges of starting a business in Birmingham, UK and how to overcome them.

6. Franchise Opportunities

Not everyone is willing to go through the challenging process of starting a new business from scratch. Some would rather build on a tested and proven Business model of which franchises are part of. In this section, we will explore and bring to you the best affordable franchise business opportunities in the Birmingham, UK.

7. Investment Opportunities

Okay, it is understood that you don’t have the luxury of time to run a business full-time. But you still want to make money on the side without your active involvement. If this description fits your person, then this section is dedicated to providing you with low cost, high yield investment ideas and the corresponding strategies to minimize your risk exposure and maximize your ROI.

8. Business Finance Advice

It takes three things to get a business rolling smoothly in UK. One is the idea, two is the team and three is the money. This section covers everything you need to know about financing your business; from loans and crowdfunding to grants and VC funding in UK.

9. Career Advice

Do you need advice on what career path to choose as a young adult in UK? Or you want to rise fast on the corporate ladder and have a fulfilled career-life in UK? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this section is dedicated to helping attain your career goals.