The franchise industry in the United Kingdom is very huge and bursting at the seams with hundreds and hundreds of business franchises springing up every year. The reason for this is not farfetched as the franchise industry alone is known to contribute over £15 Billion to the UK economy.

According to research, the total number of people employed by franchise businesses has now reached 621,000 – revealing an increase of 70% over the past 10 years. As well, franchise owned businesses have now reached a whopping 44,000 units and it is still increasing by the day.

For one who wants to acquire a business franchise in the united kingdom, this can be a daunting affair as there are loads and loads of franchises to choose from. Even if you narrow it down to a sector or two, you will still be spoiled for choice. For this reason, we have brought you some of the best business franchises from various sectors of the economy, and their price offering to help you out.

50 Best Franchise Opportunities in UK and Their Cost

  1. Angela’s Swim School

Angela’s Swim School was established in 2002 by Angela Wilson, who was an international and Commonwealth swimmer. She was the British champion in both 400 and 800 metres freestyle even at the tender age of 15. Always being passionate to teach and to give back to the community, Angela found a way to do just that by setting up a swimming school.

Angela’s Swim School has been running for more than a decade and they offer swimming lessons to people of all ages and abilities, be it in the professional field or people doing it for the fun of the sport. Another great feature about this franchise is that there is no age limit for those who want to swim at Angela’s. They equally have special lessons for disabled children and adults.

Angela promises their franchisees that they can net in profits of up to 300% in just a span of 3 months. The ideal candidate for this swimming franchise is someone who has a passion for swimming and wishes to see others achieve their goals, has an interest in working with children, and has the ability to stick to their unique teaching methods.

Financial requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £22,000
  • Total Investment: £50,000
  1. Auntie Anne’s

Auntie Anne’s is the largest global soft pretzel chain that rose from just being a small store that offers the freshest of pretzels at a Pennsylvania farmer’s market. This pretzel chain is owned by Anne Beiler who had initially started out to create the best pretzel in the market. The small store soon become a a success and people started asking for the recipe of such deliciously soft pretzel, leading Annie and her husband to come up with an acceptable franchise model.

Since then, the business has grown fast through franchising and more significantly since it was acquired by Atlanta franchisor FOCUS Brands in 2010. Auntie Anne’s has continued to modify her menu offering and in the UK, they recently launched a breakfast bun range and are currently working on a pretzel sandwich concept.

Financial requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £50,000
  • Total Investment: £135,000
  • Franchise Fees: £18,000
  1. Bagel Corner

The Bagel Corner concept was born in 2010 as a quality, fresh Bagel Quick Service Restaurant. With 30 units up and running, Bagel Corner offers a proven Business model and has contributed to creating a market segment of its own. Each outlet offers a wide range of bagels, salads and soups all prepared with fresh produce in front of customers.

Another commendable feature of the Bagel Corner is that it provides quick service and can serve customer within 70 seconds of ordering. The Bagel Corner menu is also attractively priced, catering for the budgets of all customers, by providing student snacks to business lunches.

Bagel Corner was founded in 2010 by Gregory, Michael and Rachid because of the lack of quick service restaurant France, but the brand has spread continuously to other countries of the world including the United Kingdom.

Financial requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £500,000
  • Franchise Fees: £15,000
  • Royalty fee: 5%
  • Average floor space: 450 sq ft
  1. Baguette Express

Beguette Express was founded in 1999, and was later acquired by brothers Robin and Billy Stenhouse, because of the inherent lack of healthy food serving restaurants in the city. The brand offers the tastiest and freshest meals, all at an affordable price and quick serving time. Beguette Express boasts of a unique concept where customers can create their own healthy sandwich.

Financial requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £30,000
  • Total Investment: £60,000
  • Royalty fee: 7%
  1. Baskin Robbins

The UK ice cream market has grown to become a £1 billion market, and Baskin Robbins is at the forefront of this market in the UK. This international ice cream brand provides their guests with a rich variety of ice cream flavours and a wide array of frozen treats.

Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins founded Baskin Robbins in 1945. Their original colours were brown and pink and their trademarked “31” stands for different ice cream flavours for each day of the month. Today, they have more than 150 stores in the UK and are still growing.

The ideal candidate for this franchise should have an experience in negotiating and sourcing real estate in a given market. They should also have an experience in Multi-unit Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) and in the retail and/or food service.

Financial requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £500,000
  • Total Investment: £500,000
  • Franchise Fees: £0
  • Advertising fee: 2%
  1. Bella Italia

Bella italia has a history spanning over 40 years where they have been spreading the taste of Italy in various countries of the world. Their contemporary design, all day Italian menu, and warm & welcoming personality combine to prove a winning formula for an ever-growing army of loyal customers.

With over 100 restaurants, and more opening all the time, the brand is passionate about bringing a truly authentic Italian experience to all their guests, which is why they import their De Cecco pasta direct from Italy. Made using only the best grains and produced in Italy since 1886, it makes for a truly delicious pasta.

Financial requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £350,000 +Vat
  • Total Investment: £700,000 +Vat
  • Franchise Fees: £25,000 +Vat
  • Royalty fee: 6% of net sales, plus VAT
  1. Café Rouge

Café Rouge was launched in London back in 1989. Today, Café Rouge is the only established Nationwide French casual dining brand in the UK. Now with over 90 restaurants in the UK, the brand serves six million meals each year. Café Rouge combines the very best examples of classic bistro cuisine, wine and coffee in beautifully designed restaurants.

A true all day bistro, the Café Rouge menu recreates real French food and wine in a Parisian style setting. Mornings are made up of breakfast classics, baskets of fresh pastries and house blend coffee, with lunch and dinner both offering lighter dishes and a hearty French fare combined with a robust list of classic wines.

Financial requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £350,000 +Vat
  • Total Investment: £700,000 +Vat
  • Franchise Fees: £25,000 +Vat
  • Royalty fee: 6% of net sales, plus VAT
  1. Cavavin

Cavavin prides itself as the leader of French franchised wine merchants. It was created in 1985 by Michel Bourel and it began franchising in 1996. The brand allows its franchisees to successfully sell wines and spirits through its differentiating concept and to select the assortment of their wine shop among 2,000 wines and spirits from partner winemakers offering authentic and exclusive products.

Each Cavavin wine shop offers a selection of wines adapted to its customers and each franchisee can buy out of the logistic platform up to 30% of additional beverage products (wines, spirits or beers).

Financial requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £30,000
  • Total Investment: £70,000
  • Franchise Fees: £16,500
  • Expected Revenue After 2 Years: £260,000
  • Royalty fee: 2.5%
  1. Cinnabon

Cinnabon was established in 1985. It all started with a father and son vision of creating the world’s greatest cinnamon roll from the scratch. The first Cinnabon store opened in the Sea Tac Mall in Seattle, Washington. In 1998, AFC Enterprises acquired Cinnabon for $65 million. Six years later, AFC sold the store to FOCUS Brands, Inc. for $30.3 million.

Cinnabon has established a reputation of serving fresh and fragrant cinnamon rolls topped with rich, sweet, cream cheese frosting made with the finest Indonesian cinnamon. The company is noted among the best franchises in its class because of its delicious fare and its use of quality ingredients.

Financial requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £1,400,000
  1. Creams Cafe

Creams Cafe was founded by Adam Marni and Balal Aqil in 1998. It was a rough start for the co-founders, but after several trips to Italy, the final name for Creams Café was established in 2008. Customers were quick to fall in love with the experience, quality, and taste of their desserts.

Creams Cafe serves gelato flavoured ice cream, and American style waffles and crepes available in different variations. They also offer a wide range of sundaes, smoothies, juices, and desserts with unique recipes with indulging flavours. They aim to give their customers a taste of 1950’s America, while giving them a unique environment to dine in boasting a black and purple colour scheme combined with trendy and distinctive lighting.

Financial requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £250,000
  • Franchise Fees: £14,950 +Vat
  • Advertising fee: 1%
  • Royalty fee: 5%
  • Average floor space: 1500 sq ft
  1. Crêpeaffaire

Crêpeaffaire is a unique and independent quality food brand that serves freshly baked savoury and sweet crêpes made with organic flour and natural ingredients. Crêpeaffaire is a unique and independent quality food brand, serving freshly baked savoury and sweet crêpes made with organic flour and natural ingredients.

Its philosophy is to position crêpes as an indulgent yet healthy alternative to traditional fast food within the quick-casual food segment. Since its 2005 creation, it has become the UK’s market leader, successfully operating in a variety of locations and formats.

Financial requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £130,000 +Vat
  • Total Investment: £200,000 +Vat
  • Franchise Fees: £16,000 +Vat
  • Advertising fee: 1% of net sales, plus VAT
  • Royalty fee:  7% of net sales, plus VAT
  1. Dunkin’ Donuts

Being in the industry for almost 70 years, Dunkin’ Donuts continues to carry out their mission of offering the finest brewed coffee and delicious doughnuts to their beloved customers. With over 11,000 restaurants in 33 countries, Dunkin’ Donuts is indeed a globally competitive brand.

William Rosenberg opened his first little restaurant called Open Kettle in Massachusetts where he served coffee and doughnuts as well. In 1950, Rosenberg realized that people would often dunk their doughnuts in coffee; hence, the term “Dunkin’ Donuts” was born. Since then, Rosenberg has been committed to offering the best quality coffee that he could find.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £1,200,000
  • Total Investment: £3,000,000
  1. Esquires Coffee

Esquires Coffee was founded in 1993 in British Columbia, Canada, and by 1999, it has opened over 37 stores in the Greater Vancouver area. Esquires expanded to the United Kingdom through Master License partnerships in England (2000), Ireland (2001) and Scotland (2002), and has since established a position as one of U.K.’s most exciting coffee brands.

Esquires have 50 shops in the U.K., including new shops set to open in Dorking, Farnborough, Redhill,Northampton, Aylesbury, Watford, Darlington, Addlestone and Caerphilly. They are currently seeking regional development partners for Northwest England, Southwest England and the Midlands.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £85,000
  • Total Investment: £225,000
  • Franchise Fees £19,500
  • Advertising fee: 2%
  • Royalty fee: 6%
  1. Harry Ramsden

Harry Ramsden’s is a fast food restaurant chain based in the United Kingdom which offers fish and chips and assorted themed dishes. The business has 35 owned and franchised outlets throughout the UK and Ireland. Harry Ramsden has a proud heritage of being one of the longest serving fish and chips restaurants in London. Celebrating over 90 years in operation, they have stood the test of time and today they have branches across the UK, Ireland and Malaysia.

The company runs three restaurant formats; Quick Service Restaurant/Takeaway, Assisted Service, and Full Service Restaurants, and the growing popularity of home delivery is adding a lucrative incremental revenue stream to them. There has never been a better time to join the Harry’s franchise family.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £150,000
  • Total Investment: £250,000
  • Franchise Fees: £15,000
  • Advertising fee: 1% of gross sales ex VAT
  • Royalty fee: 5% of gross sales ex VAT
  1. Humpit

Humpit started out in 2014 as a simple idea where they want people to be able to enjoy a fresh bowl of hummus with a warm pita on the side. From humble street food events and then opening their first store in Leeds in September 2014, they now have six units, three of which are on university campuses. The company has plans to open 3-4 more stores in 2019, in addition to franchised operations.

The company is on the look out for regional franchisees in all parts of the UK to serve a full selection of hummus, pitas, falafel, salads, pickles, sauces, juices and their unique hot and iced HUMPTEA. They have both sit-down and takeaway concepts and are looking to franchise both models, depending on the location and the surroundings.

It is possible to operate from very small sites with low fit-out and running costs, making a Humpit franchise affordable and accessible to people wanting to run their own food business without substantial capital outlay and risk.

Financial requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £30,000
  • Total Investment: £70,000
  • Franchise Fees: £15,000
  • Advertising fee: 2%
  • Royalty fee: 8%
  1. Lateo Boutique

Lateo Boutique is a new premium drinks boutique specialising in high end and artisan spirits, ales and coffee. They are on the look out for people that would help to spread their unique brand all over the UK.

Their franchise offering includes brand, license support, sales and marketing and business support including training. It does not include: Premises, infrastructure and stock which are additional costs depending on location and size.

The company licences they have available include:

  • Lateo Boutique
  • Lateo Bistro Bar
  • Lateo Events
  • Lateo Cafe
  • Lateo VIP

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £10,000
  • Total Investment: £12,000
  • Franchise Fees: £2,000
  • Operating fee: 1.5%
  • Royalty fee: Website sales
  1. Lighterlife

LighterLife is a weight loss franchise that has been in operation for 15 years as the business was founded in 2007 in Ireland. They are selling their franchise to interested investors who are passionate about helping people through their weight loss journey.

The Franchise role has been available for over 20 years and in that time the company has helped over 300,000 people lose weight and start living the life they want. As a LighterLife Mentor you’ll be in complete control of your career, running your business on your own terms, in your own time and being your own boss.

What’s more, you’ll have real flexibility to work as many hours as suits you and fit those hours in around whatever else you have going on, so you can run the franchise alongside existing work or give it your all and make it a full time role.

Financial requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £4,500
  • Total Investment: £4,500
  • Operating fee: £1,000 per annum for licence. First two years licence fee included with the franchise fee.
  1. Green Motion Car And Van Rental

Green Motion is the world’s only 100% fully franchised vehicle rental company, with every location being owned and operated by entrepreneurial business professionals. Established in 2007 in the UK, their inaugural locations supporting Leicester, London Heathrow and Gatwick Airport are not only still profitably operating, but the franchisees are multi-unit operators within the UK network which has now expanded to over 20 locations. The expected annual net profit of a franchisee is £40,000.

The Green Motion brand has also enjoyed tremendous international growth, with vehicle rental services now being provided in over 40 countries, placing Green Motion as the 6th largest car and van rental company in the world. The success of Green Motion has been driven by the development of its unique brand positioning and its constant investment in new technologies.

Financial requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £70,000
  • Total Investment: £140,000
  • Franchise Fees: £39,500
  • Operating fee: They do not charge, however, the franchisee pays for their costs directly.
  • Advertising fee: They do not charge, however, the franchisee pays for their costs directly.
  • Royalty fee: 6% of turnover
  1. Inleaf

Inleaf is the go-to provider for corporate interior plant, leaf and living wall solutions. The company provides plant decorations for companies, hotels, showrooms as well as private homes. They have an extensive array of products including atrium, reception and general interior plants.

They also have green walls, live walls and moss pictures for better room ambiance. More than that, their customer care is also paramount with regular visitations to clients to ensure proper maintenance of the plants and safeguard the optimal conditions possible.

At Inleaf, they believe in the 7 benefits of office plants; to wit, it increases employee productivity, reduces indoor air pollution, increases employee well-being, reduces staff sick leave, lowers stress, increases customer spending and creates a great first impression. Inleaf was started by husband and wife Charlotte and Daniel Atherton. An engineer and an architect, the power couple brave the industry they think had a huge gap in the market.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £15,100
  • Total Investment: £30,225
  1. Inxpress

InXpress is an international shipping and freight consulting firm. The brand is also an authorized sales partner for world class courier companies such as DHL, TNT and UKMAil. InXpress gives franchises the opportunity to build a flexible business with the backing and support of a global franchise system.

InXpress is one of the world’s largest franchisors of worldwide express parcel delivery and transportation services. They are the number one reseller of express courier services offering solutions for internal and domestic express services.

Their franchisees offer express, freight and mail services through world-class carriers that customers know and trust. They now have over 80 UK franchisees all with a reputation for their top quality services, world-class customer care and competitive prices.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £15,000
  • Total Investment: £30,000
  1. Jackson Fire And Security

Jackson Fire And Security offer fire alarm solutions, a range of fire extinguishers, emergency lighting and fire risk assessments. It was established in 1991 by Steve Jackson. Their knowledgeable technicians install security systems, high quality intruder alarms, CCTVs and access control systems.

They have gained prestigious Gold standard accreditations for always providing customer orientated service and they have different types of customers ranging from blue chip manufacturers, fast food outlets, universities, local shops and public houses.

Part of your role as a franchisee will be to recruit and manage a team of qualified fire and security engineers. You will also be responsible for developing commercial relationships and new business in your territory. No previous industry experience is required, you just need to have a strong sales background and the drive to grow a client base of repeat business service contracts. Full technical, marketing and accounting support is provided by the Franchisor.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £39,500
  • Total Investment: £69,500
  • Franchise Fees: £39,500
  • Advertising fee: 2% of turnover
  • Royalty fee: 9% of turnover
  1. Kumon

Kumon Educational Japan Co., Ltd., is a multinational educational institution renowned for using the Kumon Method in their practice. They have over 50 years’ experience in leading the world in after-school math and reading academic enrichment programs.

Their famous Kumon Method, which is a personalized unconventional approach where children are taught based on their ability and not on age, proved to be more than successful as they have reached international recognition and are present in over 49 countries.

Kumon originated in 1954 when a high school teacher, Toru Kumon started to provide a new concept of self-learning to his son. A year later, his first Math Centre opened in Moriguchi City, Osaka. Kumon first opened overseas in 1974 when a Kumon Math Centre was built in New York.

Financial Requirement

  • Minimum Investment: £3,000
  1. Local Assist

Local Assist is one of the UK’s top property care and repair companies, specialising in emergency insurance claim handling and fulfillment. Their reliable and trustworthy 24/7 callout service can deal with all manner of repairs, including broken windows, leaking pipes and boiler failure.

They have so far forged a reputation as one of the go-to providers of domestic repairs and their franchisees provide customers with assurance by operating under the name of their strong, trusted brand.

Founded in 2008, the company started out as an offshoot of their sister company, Service Solutions Direct. They quickly realised that there was plenty of demand from domestic and insurance clients for emergency 24/7 domestic repair specialists, so Local Assist was established.

Financial requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £9,995
  • Total Investment: £14,995 +Vat
  1. Magicman

Magicman is one of the leading hard surface repair companies in the UK. Their focus is on remarkably high quality restoration, reinstatement and re-surfacing of damaged surfaces including wood, uPVC, metals, stones, ceramics as well as glass.

They use only high quality brushes, compounds, spray guns, paints, and adhesives in repairs ensuring top-tier results. Restored surfaces will look as if no damage was done before—just like magic! From simple scratches and little cracks to huge chips and dents on almost any surface, Magicman can transform it and make it look brand new.

Magicman began its operation in 1993 and immediately had an established loyal customer base in the construction, hospitality, insurance and transportation sectors. Over the years, they have expanded their reach and now lead the UK in damage repair services.

Financial requirement

  • Minimum Investment: £19,500
  1. Mail Boxes Etc.

Mail Boxes Etc. prides itself as one of the world’s largest non-food retail franchises. Their brand can boast of around 1,600 stores spread across the globe. Their core offering is local and international delivery, and they are at par with other leading parcel services.

They also offer expert packaging services, print and copy designing, Royal Mail postal services, office supplies, and mailbox rental/ virtual address services. MBE was founded in 1980, originally stationed in the US then expanded worldwide.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £25,000
  • Total investment requirement: £60,000 to £70,000
  1. Maplebrook Wills

Maplebrook Wills help people distribute their assets according to their wishes by writing the perfect will for their circumstances and preparing other legal documents such as Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs). They also help out with related services such as prepaid funeral plans and trusts to protect their homes.

Their franchise holders will provide will writing and other related services to the public. Will writing is a recession-proof industry in which for the right person and with the right support system, it is surprisingly easy to develop a business bringing in six figures every year whilst also providing a vital service to your local community. Maplebrook Wills was founded as a franchise business by Mike Pugh and he runs the company today.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £5,000
  • Total Investment: £12,500 +Vat
  • Franchise Fees: £12,500 +Vat
  • Operating fee: £50
  • Advertising fee: 2% or £200, whichever is greater
  • Royalty fee: 25% or £1000, whichever is greater
  1. Metro Rod

Founded in 1983, Metro Rod is the leading provider of commercial drain clearance and maintenance services. They have been clearing and unblocking drains for more than thirty years and are proud of their reputation for quality service and customer satisfaction.

Metro Rod serves national business customers across multiple sectors including facilities management, retail, water utilities, social housing, hospitality and insurance, as well as local businesses and other customers in the private and public sectors.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £25,000
  1. Nationwide Cleaners

Nationwide Cleaners offers affordable and quality cleaning services to thousands of households in the UK. They are a long established, fast growing brand that rivals other cleaning services in the country by outperforming their services with great value for money and great marketing.

Nationwide Cleaners was founded in 2008 by Peter Munro who is an experienced businessman and franchisor. He tailored this franchise to be as simple and easy as possible so that almost everyone can successfully operate it if they are motivated and follow the proven system.

Financial requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £4,000
  • Total Investment: £8,000
  1. Molly Maid

Molly maid is the most recognised brand within the UK’s domestic cleaning industry. They have provided domestic cleaning services to homes across the UK for over 35 years. Their Franchise Owners are required to employ and manage professional, caring cleaners that deliver the company’s mission statement of making the company the symbol of quality, service and value.

Molly maid was founded in Canada by Adrienne and Chris Stringer in the late 1970’s and it has grown to a business concept that cleans about 15,000 homes around the world each day. The brand was launched in the UK in 1984 by Malcolm Tall with his partner, Pam Bader, OBE, joining shortly thereafter.

Financial requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £8,000
  • Total Investment: £26,795
  • Franchise Fees: £18,975
  • Advertising fee: 2% ((as of 1st January 2019) £10,000 of Franchise fee is allocated as marketing budget for the first 12 months)
  • Royalty fee: 8%
  1. One Delivery

One delivery delivers fast food and restaurant quality food from household names and local independents as well as some national chains. Founded in 2013, One Delivery is a scalable, economically friendly on-line ordering and delivery solution providing state of the art technology to the food, hospitality and leisure industries.

Franchise Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £495
  • Franchise Fees: £1,995
  • Expected Revenue After 2 Years: £50,000
  • Operating fee: £75 per month
  • Royalty fee: 1.25 per order
  1. Pink Connect

Pink Connect supplies an innovative set of Business Cybersecurity Voice, IT, and Business Power services, vital to every UK Business. The company has 16 years’ experience in the UK SME Telecoms and IT market and they spent 10 years of that time training and supporting Franchisees.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £19,950 +Vat
  • Total Investment: £19,950
  • Operating fee: 15% of monthly retail turnover
  1. Platinum Property

Platinum Property Partners (PPP) is a real estate company that can assist you in building your own portfolio of specialist buy-to-let properties and secures you a substantial income for life. The company was established by Steve Bolton in 2007. In 2007, Steve began to franchise the model with his business partner, Richard Davies, and Platinum Property Partners has become the fastest growing premium franchise in the UK.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £300,000
  • Franchise Fees: £32,970 +Vat
  • Operating fee: Monthly subscription of £495 +VAT
  • Royalty fee: 5%
  1. Promedica 24

Promedica 24 is a specialist in 24/7 care at home services that helps the elderly and infirm stay at home for as long as possible. The company provides their clients with carers who will stay with them 24/7 and give them the most genuine care possible. Their services extend from short-term cares or emergency care, to long-term care assistance and companionship.

Promedica 24 was founded in 2002, with their first offices in Poland. Since then, they have become available for franchising and have expanded to UK and Germany. They have served more than 24,000 families since then.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £20,000
  1. Radfield Home Care

Radfield Home Care is a family-owned healthcare company that provides premier home care services in the UK. Operating within the private marketplace, franchise partners will benefit from high profit margins that enable them to deliver a high quality care service and develop a passionate and rewarded team of healthcare professionals – all whilst generating healthy financial returns.

As a Radfield Home Care franchise partner, you do not require any previous healthcare experience. Your role is to grow your business through marketing, networking and brand awareness activity.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £23,000 +Vat
  • Total Investment: £80,000
  • Franchise Fees: £30,000 +Vat
  • Advertising fee: 1% + VAT Turnover
  • Royalty fee: 5% + VAT Turnover
  1. Recognition Express

Recognition Express is UK’s leading supplier and manufacturer of corporate recognition and personalised products for businesses. Established in 1979, Recognition Express has almost 40 years’ experience in producing high-quality B2B personalised and promotional products. The franchise has eight defined income streams ranging from personalised name badges and promotional products to branded clothing and business gifts.

Recognition Express is one of the leading B2B franchises, at the cutting edge of a £3 billion sector providing businesses personalised materials. Franchisees will have access to several core income streams by providing promotional branded items, personalised clothing/uniforms, banners and displays, signage, trophies and awards, and badges for companies ranging from charities and small local organisations to huge multinational corporations.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £15,000
  • Total Investment: £35,000 +Vat
  • Franchise Fees: £35,000 +Vat
  • Royalty fee: 10% of turnover
  1. Revive! Auto Innovations

Revive! is a vehicle repair franchise that run large territories and manage their own team of technicians who repair damage to car paintwork including bumper scuffs, minor chips and the refurbishment of alloy wheels.

Revive! is a multi-award-winning franchise that offers a proven route to building a multi-van, £1m+ turnover business, including an asset to sell in the future. Managing a team of technicians who deliver repairs to public as well as trade vehicles, your role is to develop your business and grow to become the No1 choice for SMART repairs locally.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £14,000
  • Total Investment: £32,000
  1. Rosemary Bookkeeping

Rosemary Bookkeeping is a bookkeeping and accounting company that help companies keep their record up to date. Launched in its original form in 2002, Rosemary Bookkeeping now offers an exclusive bookkeeping system as part of a well established and fully supported franchise package.

Rosemary Bookkeeping is owned by ServiceMaster Ltd who are founder members of the BFA and franchisors with almost 60 years franchising experience. Together, they work with 17 franchise outlets across the country to help them develop their business and enjoy success with Rosemary Bookkeeping.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £16,970 +Vat
  • Total Investment: £16,970 +Vat
  • Franchise Fees: £2,870 +Vat
  • Operating fee: 10% of your gross turnover at month 7
  1. Safeclean

Safeclean has over 50 years’ experience of creating successful carpet and upholstery cleaning businesses across the UK. As one of the founding members of the British Franchise Association, Safeclean prides itself on giving ongoing and unrivalled support to all their franchisees.

From comprehensive induction training to regular business reviews, Safeclean is confident that the reason so many franchisees have 20+ years’ experience with them is because of the guidance and encouragement given; not to mention a proven business model.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £15,000
  • Total Investment: £29,995
  • Franchise Fees: £19,995
  • Advertising fee: 10% of sales turnover
  • Royalty fee: On sliding scale over 5 years (£550 per month or 11% whichever is higher)
  1. Stagecoach

Stagecoach is a theater training school that started off in UK. Stagecoach was founded by actress Stephanie Manuel and banker David Sprigg in 1988. Stephanie developed the idea in her 30s when she noticed the alarming lack of theatre training schools. 10 years later, she met banker David Sprigg; since then their dynamic duo has made changed the field of children’s’ arts.

The network of Stagecoach franchisees now numbers 300+, with a growing global presence across eight countries. This equates to 1,800+ schools and more than 48,000 students every week worldwide.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Requirements: £17,000
  • Total Investment: £17,000
  1. The Alternative Board

The Alternative Board (TAB) is a business advisory board that helps business leaders achieve more profitability, productivity, and personal fulfilment. Their members include CEOs, presidents, and business owners who meet once a month to discuss ways on improving their business.

Groups are composed of no more than 12 members whose businesses are not in competition with one another. Members turn to other members and their facilitator for advice on different aspects of their business, such as improving sales and performance.

The Alternative Board was founded by Allen E. Fishman in St. Louis, Missourri in 1990. He found that his Board of Directors was invaluable to him throughout his career but questioned the advice available to the small business owner. This led Fishman to launch TAB’s first business advisory board in 1990.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £34,000
  1. The Financial Management Centre

The Financial Management Centre is one of the world’s leading accounting service provider to SMEs. They provide businesses with professional, flexible, and affordable accounting support that is tailored specifically for them. From bookkeeping, to accounting, to finance managing, and finance controlling —they provide this to any business of any shape and size.

The company was founded in 2007 as “The Local Bookekeeper UK ltd. and was spearheaded by Alexander King. It was in 2010 under the direction of Victor James Maundrell that the company decided to change to “The Financial Management Centre.” It was also around this time we started to expand globally.

Financial Requirement

  • Minimum Investment: £19,500
  1. Value Doors

Value Doors is one of the leading suppliers and installers of cost-effective, high quality and low-maintenance external doors in the UK. With almost a decade of presence in the market, they specialise in a wide variety of door products such as back, bi-fold, composite, electric roller, French & Patio, Stable, Security as well as uPVC Doors. Over the years, they have managed to offer not just doors but also door accessories and windows installation.

Value Doors utilises advance technological equipment such as soft coat low-emissitivity (low-E) in their door, top-lights and window products. This makes their products a more suitable replacement options than products from their competitors.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £10,000
  • Expected Revenue After 2 Years: £50,000
  1. World Options

World Options is a worldwide courier and delivery service provider. They offer a variety of carriers catering any kind of business with easy an process , thus saving customers time, money and trouble.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £32,500 +Vat
  • Total Investment: £32,500 +Vat
  1. Apollo Blinds

Apollo Blinds is one of the leading retailer of window blinds, shutters and awnings in the UK and Ireland. They offer an extensive options of blinds including the registered trademarks Duette® and Intu®. They also have products for skylight architecture, and curtain accessories which may be pleated, roller, twilight or even Venetian.

As a member of the world’s largest manufacturer of window blinds, they pride themselves on having the most number of blinds collection available in the UK and the biggest collection of exclusive fabrics for blinds. Apollo Blinds started offering blinds services in 1972. An original member of the British Franchise Association, they have been franchising since their inception and now have more than 50 outlets nationwide.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £20,000
  • Total Investment: £20,000
  1. Boconcept

BoConcept is Denmark’s retail furniture franchise with over 250 stores in 60 countries worldwide. Whether designing a wall unit, leading a team, or managing a store, their mission is to make modern design furniture accessible to the urban-minded customer. They offer customized, coordinated, and affordable design furniture and accessories.

BoConcept was established in 1952 by Danish craftsmen Aerthoj Jensen and Tage Molholm in Herning, Denmark. Their goal was to manufacture quality, attractive, functional, and good value furniture. The first BoConcept brand store opened in Paris, France in 1993. Today, there are 250 stores in 60 countries worldwide and are still growing.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £100,000
  • Total Investment: £500,000
  • Advertising fee: 0.75% of turnover
  1. Cash Converters

Cash Converters UK Ltd is a retailer of pre-owned goods, that is they specialize in the sale of second hand goods. They are the world’s largest cash and assert converter with more than 700 stores spanning 4 continents and 20 countries.

Their stores offer a range of services ranging from pawn-broking loans and personal finance in selected markets in the micro lending sector. With the brand’s business model, they have been able to establish a strong and profitable presence in the retail shopping industry.

Cash Converters began in 1984 when Brian Cumins, founder and former Chairman of the company, opened his first retail outlet in Perth, Australia. In the UK, the company opened its first store at Gants Hill in Essex. Today, it has more than 200 stores in the country.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £39,000
  • Total Investment: £100,000
  1. CEX

Complete Entertainment eXchange, or more widely known as CeX, is a home for used entertainment tech and electronics. They cater to people who have a passion for buying and selling second hand entertainment products ranging from mobile phones, DVDs, Blu-ray films, computers, video games, digital electronics, TVs and CDs. CeX is currently open in over 350 outlets nationwide, the majority of which operate as franchises.

CeX was founded by Robert Dudani, Paul Farrignton, Hugh Man, Oli Smith and Oliver Ball in 1992. Together, they recognised that there was a gap in the technological market which is the area of used computers, phones and gadgets. They established a store that provides used but still high-quality gadgets and computers. Their efforts proved fruitful with their first franchise opening in 2006.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £40,000
  • Total Investment: £150,000
  • Expected Revenue After 2 Years: £1,000,000
  • Royalty fee: 8% with a rebate
  • Average floor space: 1000 sq ft
  1. Mr Arkwright’s Tool Emporium

Mr Arkwright’s Tool Emporium is one of the leading traditional tool stores in the UK. Their product ranges include household and garden products appropriate for DIY individuals, bakers as well as expert builders. They have products and equipment for bathroom and plumbing, building, decorating, electrical accessories, garden tools, homeware as well as kitchen and furniture.

With more than 50,000 of tools and products, individuals, families and businesses will surely find the tools best suited for any kind of solutions in their company.

In 2012, Clive Owen established Mr Arkwright’s Tool Emporium in Leeds, UK. With relatively few years in the industry, they have proven their worth with innovative business solutions paving way for franchise opportunities which opened in Leeds and Harrogate.

Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: £45,000
  • Expected Revenue After 2 Years: £200,000