Entrepreneurs are beginning to see e-bikes as a lucrative business opportunity and want to capitalize on it. And although they have the option of starting from the scratch, but the idea of owning an e-bike franchise is quite interesting. By owning an e-bike franchise, entrepreneurs don’t need to go through the hard work of establishing a new system and brand.

However, have it in mind that purchasing an e-bike franchise (or any franchise for that matter) is not that simple. Entrepreneurs are expected to make sure that the brand they are partnering with is the right fit and has the ability to get them substantial returns.

Note that the first step when buying an e-bike franchise is to do your research on the different e-bike franchise opportunities available. There are many e-bike franchises available in the United Kingdom with whom you can partner.

Carefully note and shortlist the options that best suit your budget, options that do not demand unnecessary fees, provide the flexibility to relocate, offer training and support, do not have stores already running in your area, and have a good reputation in the industry.

After you must have successfully shortlisted e-bike franchises that you may want to work with, contact them individually and inform them of your credentials and particulars. Contact with franchises is typically established through application forms you can find on their websites. Franchises also have selection criteria that prospective franchisees have to fulfill. Apply and wait for their reply.

Have it in mind that not every e-bike franchise you contact will return with a favorable reply. Those that do, explore them further. However, do not forget to pay the franchises a visit and meet their team. This should be your final step in assessing the shortlisted franchises. After this step, you should be able to decide which e-bike franchise you want to work with.

It is also advisable you spend some time with the franchise teams, interview them and reach a decision. After you must have finally decided on the e-bike franchise you want to partner with, you can proceed with the paperwork. Work closely with a business solicitor to ensure you are well covered on the legal front. It’s important. You don’t want to be signing an agreement without understanding what’s in it and later inviting trouble for yourself. Read the agreement, collaborate with your solicitor, and sign it.

Consumers are buying into the idea of e-bikes, many have already embraced it and many more are expected to be a part of it in the coming months. Some are even touting it as the next big revolution after the Internet. If you think you want to join this revolution, here are top franchises to consider in the United Kingdom.

5 Electric Bike Franchise Opportunities in UK and Their Cost

  1. RightBike – £76,981

This company provides a wonderful opportunity to those who share its vision and commitment to become their own area’s leader in bike sales, service, rentals, and accessories. The company is looking for people who are passionate about growing a business, creating jobs, and making a positive impact in their local community. They offer the overall blueprint for setting up your store and service department, team training, and providing all the necessary suppliers to ensure you’re consistently the Number 1 resource in the market.


  • Franchise Investment: £76,981
  1. Zeight e-bike – £138,856

This franchise is the number 1 company in the Mobility sector, as they have created the first network of dealers selling electric vehicles in Spain and the United Kingdom. Here, you can see, buy and rent a wide variety of state-of-the-art vehicles & accessories. As an Entrepreneur, you need to desire to have your Business, be confident & success seeking.  Zeight Franchising is international.


  • Franchise Investment: £138,856
  1. Bike Fixers

Despite the fact that there are more bikes on the road, there are fewer permanent bike shops that specialize in repairs. Bike Fixers understand that if a bike can’t work, there may not be any other way to get to a repair shop with it (assuming there is even one near enough to cycle to in the first place).

Not all cars are equipped to carry bikes, public transport is tricky and that can mean problems. Bike Fixers solve these problems because they are a fully mobile bike repair company, coming to the customer’s home to carry out servicing and repairs at a time that suits them.

It simply means the bike can get back out on the road quickly and safely and the bike owner is not inconvenienced. Whether the problem is a mechanical fault, a flat tyre, or the bike simply needs to be checked over before a long journey, Bike Fixers can be there to ensure that everything is just as it should be.


  • On Demand
  1. The Commute – £25,000

The Commute provides an unrivaled service in a great social atmosphere. All customers love having a place where they can mix with the cycling community. The company offers great food in great surroundings and its work ethic has allowed the chain to carve out and nurture long-lasting relationships with both customers and other local businesses. Their bike shop stocks some amazing indie brands bringing unique quality products. Including cycling kits and graphic t-shirt for off the bike too!


  • Franchise Investment: £25,000
  1. The Wheel Specialist – £160,000

This is a premises-based management business model, the market-leading alloy wheel repair, and refurbishment and customization franchise. Successful franchisees that work hard, follow the model, and effectively manage their employees can earn £100K+ per annum while building a business to sell for a lump sum in the future.

This is a professional workshop service, not a van-based ‘touch up’. You will welcome customers from the general public to your stunning showroom, as well as receiving regular work from relationships with dealerships.


  • Franchise Investment: £160,000

Naturally, where there is a demand for a product, the business community is bound to take notice. In the case of e-bikes, it has been the same. However, always take your time to make adequate research before investing in any of the Franchises mentioned above.