Acquiring and running a franchise business in the UK is quite easy, profitable and indeed more popular today than ever. Even though almost every business that focuses on retail customers can and has been franchised, children-centric businesses are indeed among the biggest beneficiaries of the franchising business model.

Always note that no business can ever make it big if it isn’t based on a consistent market demand. Children’s franchises are no exception to this, and any entrepreneur thinking of running such a franchise is in for some good news. Children’s franchises tend to be ‘service-based’ franchises and they never really run out of market demand as long as the overall economy is in a good enough shape.

According to reports, about 18-19% of the entire UK population consists of children aged 15 years or less. This is a total market size of roughly 11 million – a good prospect for niche franchises. And even though birth rate has been on a steady decline, the average rise in population – expected to touch 70 million by 2026 – is encouraging enough to entail that children’s franchises can stay profitable in the UK.

Note that an average UK family spends approximately £10,000 or more on childcare, food and other costs per year for kids aged 5 or less. This is enough to show that parents can and are willing to spend – at times, even exorbitantly – just to give their children the best facilities, education, healthcare and overall ‘growing-up’ environment.

More and more parents – owing to the difficulties of the modern, hectic lifestyle – seem to need additional help from professionals as their children are growing up. From the basic, age-old nursery model to state-of-the-art preschools, playschools and babysitting services, childcare franchises have created an industry that addresses these issues, with ample growing room left.

If you wish to operate a day care franchise in a town or city where there is a clear demand for these services, the potential for growth is quite promising. 

18 Daycare Franchise Opportunities in UK and Their Cost

  1. Caremark

Indeed there has never been a better time to invest in a Caremark franchise. All franchisees have recently experienced record growth owing to growth in the in-home care market, resilient business model and unrivalled training and support, even during the economic turbulence of Brexit and the current pandemic. Caremark is well known as a wholly UK-owned and operated in-home care franchisor with an established and successful UK-based network working for a highly resilient business model designed for growth.


  • Franchise Investment: £139,750
  1. Moonstone Day Care

Moonstone is renowned for creating a cosy, caring home-from-home environment which the children love. Happy children mean happy parents, and that makes for a highly successful and sustainable business model. Note that the nursery sector in the United Kingdom is extremely successful, and the market is growing every day and shows no signs of slowing down. Families so often need two incomes these days, and so the requirement for good, affordable childcare is not going away any time soon.


  • Franchise Investment: £100,000
  1. SureCare

SureCare offers fantastic care services for anyone in need, at any time in their life. They are experienced and proficient care workers who provide a variety of care and support services across the UK. Recognized by the Care Quality Commission, every care worker and staff are recruited through the Disclosure and Barring Service, ensuring that all customers receive the very best care.

At SureCare, they provide a wide range of services. From caring for the elderly to basic home services. They cater to people with dementia and Alzheimer’s, even to children who need special care. Their philosophy is to ensure that customers’ needs are met, and the company strives to live by this claim.


  • £70,000
  1. SportsCool

This chain makes use of positive reward in everything they do. All sessions raise aspirations, are accessible to all, and most of all, fun. Your franchise package will include an exclusive territory with over 200 schools, delivering multi-sports and dance and upon purchase of the franchise; they will guarantee your first 5 schools from day one, meaning you can start earning straight away.


  • Franchise Investment: £19,995 +VAT
  1. Little Kickers

This company was founded in 2002 by former risk manager Christine Kelly, who was frustrated by the lack of fun, preschool activities that existed for parents and children who wanted to spend quality time together. The company recruited its first franchisee in the UK in 2004.

From an initial investment of £300, Christine, who is currently heading the business, has shaped and driven Little Kickers into one of the UK’s leading franchise brands. It currently has 335 franchises in 34 countries and a turnover of £23 million. Every week, 66,000 children attend a Little Kickers class somewhere in the world.


  • Franchise Investment: £15,000
  1. Choice Home Tutoring

All Choice Home tutors are specialists in their subject areas and will have attained graduate status as a minimum requirement. Note that the strength of their subject knowledge reflects through in the very positive feedback from parents and students. When it comes to choosing a tutor, reputation is everything. Choice Home Tutoring is trusted by thousands of students and the commitment to delivering first-class, personalised tuition sets them apart.


  • Franchise Investment: £17,500 +VAT
  1. Bricks 4 Kidz

Bricks 4 Kidz is an internationally renowned children’s enrichment franchise, which operates in over 40 countries. By making use of LEGO, the company provides fun and exciting educational play experiences. Its core programmes, which have been designed to teach the principles of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), are popular with girls and boys aged 3-16. Each of these programmes has been designed by engineers and architects to stimulate children’s creativity and curiosity.


  • £25,000 – £ 50,000
  1. Mother Nature Science

For at least 30 years, Mother Nature Science has been providing children between the ages of five and 12 with a range of fun, hands-on science programmes, and activities. The company was founded in the UK in 2007 and all its 200-plus lesson plans are linked to the national curriculum.

Mother Nature Science describes its chemistry, physics and biology sessions as ‘edutainment’, which are delivered via birthday parties; workshops; holiday science camps during the summer, Easter and Christmas school holidays; and one-hour term time science clubs that take place either before or after school.


  • Franchise Investment: £10,000 – £ 15,000
  1. Sherpa Kids

Sherpa Kids’ activities include arts and crafts, music and drama, sport and games, cooking and technology. Many of them are based on specific themes, such as the Circus, Recycling, Sporting Events and Space, and they are tailored to fit in with the individual requirements of schools and their curriculums. More than 80 themes have been prepared, equating to more than two and half years of fun and educationally engaging activities.

The company, which already has more than 100 franchises worldwide in locations including Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Ireland, and cares for around 5,400 primary school-aged children every day, is eager to engage with potential new partners in England who share its core values of trust, integrity and excellence.


  • Franchise Investment: £15,500
  1. ARTventurers

ARTventurers was established in 2011 by Fiona Simpson, mum of two ARTventurers of her own and has since grown into a fantastic network of over 35 franchise branches around the country, all owned by parents looking for a fun, flexible and creative way to build a business around family life.

The brand has a unique, collaborative and supportive approach to franchising which recognises the creative talents of its team members and it’s for this reason that the franchise package has attracted significant national recognition.


  • Franchise Investment: £5,000
  1. Computer Xplorers

They are well renowned for delivering the widest range of super-fun, educational and inspirational technology and computing classes across the UK. Classes are delivered in a range of locations including nurseries, schools, holiday clubs, after-school clubs, weekend clubs and other community venues.

They also teach children not only what’s behind the technology, but build in critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity and confidence. When that chance to make a difference to children’s futures is wrapped up in a business opportunity with such low costs, high potential earnings and flexibility, it’s a powerful combination.


  • Franchise Investment: £14,950 +VAT
  1. Gymboree

This company boasts a successful track record of proven business model. For over 40 years, they have been developing children’s creativity, confidence and talent while providing franchise owners good business stability. Note that the business model and course offerings are designed by experts in the field which makes every process easy to learn.

In addition, they are also a member of the Encouraging Women Into Franchising or EWIF which supports women who want to take part in the industry of franchising. This means, Gymboree encourages women to franchise and help other women become attracted to their networks.


  • Franchise Investment: £93,000
  1. Banana Moon

The Banana Moon Day Nursery franchise let’s entrepreneurs with a passion for childcare start and run their own day nursery with the backing of a highly respected brand. It let’s youngsters build meaningful connections in a nursery where care and safety are paramount. The business was set up in 2006 and the concept was franchised in 2010. Banana Moon is an associate member of the British Franchise Association.


  • On Demand
  1. Children Inspired by Yoga

Children Inspired by Yoga is a class for young children aged 0-to-7 years which encourages them to be active and creative through exercise that promotes movement and flexibility and encourages physical confidence through the learning of strength, balance and co-ordination. The yoga-inspired routines come to life with storytelling and music.

Simply put, they offer “a bendy, giggly world for clever minds and strong bodies” – its creative and ethical development programme was developed by music educationalists, paediatric physiotherapists, and experienced yoga teachers. Its activity classes are much loved for their innovative approach to childhood development.


  • Franchise Investment: £10,000
  1. E² Young Engineers

The e² Young Engineers franchise offers enrichment programmes for children in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and software engineering. This service is very important, especially in a world where the importance of technology is growing every day and where parents realise that an education in the STEM field will give their children exciting career opportunities.

This is done in a fun and accessible way through games, using K’nex®, Engino® and LEGO® bricks. Simply put, the franchise adopts an ‘edutainment’ approach to learning. The service consists of special workshops that are developed with all children in mind, including those with learning disabilities and those who have high ability in these subjects.


  • Franchise Investment: £31,000
  1. Fun Fest

All services are designed to be child-led, which means letting the children themselves choose what they wish to play, learn or explore and supporting them in their choices. Parents mostly want high-quality service providers to care for, teach and entertain their children.

Children are becoming increasingly sophisticated customers; they know what they want and what they like and are not afraid to tell you! The Fun Fest team listens carefully to what children tell them to ensure that their services are child-centred.


  • Franchise Investment: £2,999 – £ 19,999
  1. Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries Ltd

Founded in 2002, Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries is UK’s largest childcare franchise and third-largest childcare provider. Established and operated by husband and wife team, Mark and Rebecca Crosby, the brand can trace its heritage in childcare back to 1976, when the first nursery was opened in Cambridgeshire by an earlier generation of the Crosby family (trading as Ladybird Day Nursery).


  • Franchise Investment: £300,000
  1. Tumble Tots (UK) Ltd

Tumble Tots offers a structured physical play programme specially designed for children aged between six months and seven years. The business was established in the UK in 1979 by former international gymnast and British Olympic gymnastics team coach, Bill Cosgrave. Currently, Tumble Tots has 300-plus centres in the UK, which are operated by a network of around 70 franchisees. It currently has 35,000 children as members.


  • Franchise Investment: £14,600

To run a day care franchise is to be responsible for the wellbeing and safety of the kids under you. You will have to be extremely careful and caring to be able to gain the trust of your customers. In addition, the franchisor will require you – and your staff – to pass CRB/DBS checks before you are allowed to run the franchise. All children’s franchises also need to comply with the applicable local rules, laws and regulations.