So you are unhappy with your job and thinking of flying solo? Well, you are not alone. There are tons of others out there are just like you- tired, frustrated and looking for better opportunities. It is not bad to be unhappy with your job or financial status; it only becomes bad when you refuse to do something about it.

You don’t need to have a million pounds to start a business in Wales. There are several small business opportunities that you can explore and make money from. You can even do some of them on a part-time basis alongside your paid job and when you become established and successful, you can quit your job to manage your business full-time. Some business opportunities you can explore in Wales include-:

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Wales

1. Scrap Metal Collection and Sales

You can start a business of collecting scrap metals and items that people no longer need for recycling purposes. There are three ways to start your scrap metal collection business-:

  • Own a Scrap Metal Depot-: This means that you would have a large space where other scrap collectors or people who wish to sell their scrap items can come and drop them. You would then process and sell to manufacturing companies or export them to countries like China where importation of Scrap metals thrives.
  • Scrap metal collector-: In this case, you would do the collection yourself or have people do it for you. Scrap can be collected from dump sites, garage sales or from people’s homes.
  • Scrap Broker-: If you don’t have capital to buy scraps, you can still start a scrap metals business by acting as an agent between people who have scrap material to sell and other scrap buyers.

2. Real Estate Developer

You can never go wrong with real estate business. Why? The reason is because as long as humanity exists, people would always need houses to live in or office spaces to do business. One of the benefits of investing in real estate is that your investments are secure unlike some other forms of investments.

You can start buying homes from people, remodeling them and selling for an attractive profit. You can also build living apartments which can be rented out to people. Real estate business although lucrative, is very capital intensive. Therefore, if you cannot afford to become a real estate developer, you could still earn money from becoming a real estate broker; linking buyer and seller together.

3. Auto Maintenance and Repair Services

Another business idea is to start an auto maintenance and repair service center. The good thing about today’s business world is that you don’t necessarily need to have the skills to start a business. It’s good to have skills but it is not necessarily a deterrent because you can set up the business and then hire people to take care of the operational aspects of the business. You can start a mobile auto repair service or an auto repair shop for fixing mechanical and electrical issues with people’s vehicles.

4. Haulage Services

You can also start a business of helping people to move things around. You can help people who are relocating to move stuffs or offer haulage services to companies in Wales.

5. Fitness Center

We all know how importance it is to keep fit. The fitness industry has witnessed tremendous growth in the last 10 years and the Welsh are not left out too. You can invest in the fitness industry by setting up a training center or a gymnasium where people can come and exercise in order to maintain their bodies. You can also offer personal fitness training consultancy services alongside running a fitness training center.

6. Sports Training Academy

Another business to start is a sports training academy. The sports industry in Wales is very active and you can make money from setting up a sports training institute to train students to be professional footballers, basketballers, baseballers and other popular sports in Wales.

7. Produce Seller

You can also delve into the agricultural sector by starting a business of produce selling. You can buy raw foodstuffs and vegetables and repackage them for sale; you can sell to caterers and retailers or even to manufacturing companies. You can even choose to start your own food processing company; manufacturing several packaged foods.

8. Photography

There are different types of photography businesses that you can start. You can start a mobile photography service, taking pictures of people on the go. You can set up a mobile photo booth for people to walk in and take pictures or you can become a studio photographer. There are lots of other photography businesses that you can start including product photography for online retail stores, fashion magazine photography and press photography to mention few.

9. Micro-Brewery

Micro-brewery was listed as one of the top businesses of 2013. Although not a new business, it is gaining more popularity especially in the U.K. Micro-Brewery involves producing beer in small quantities which you can supply to other bar owners or sell at your own bar.

Starting a micro-brewery is really easy and profitable. The major challenges are getting a license, storage and getting people to patronize you when you start. But once you conquer these challenges, you would be able to generate a sizeable amount of profit from your micro-brewery regularly.

10. Baby Food Manufacturing

Do you know that you can manufacture baby food conveniently from home. A Welsh woman made a lot of money for herself just by turning her kitchen into a baby food making center. All you need is to buy the right equipment, develop your recipes, make your baby food and then package them for sale.

If are not comfortable with any of the businesses listed above, you can explore Online business opportunities like social media consultancy, online stores, affiliate marketing and several other internet opportunities. Also, you should ensure that you carry out extensive research and write your business plan before you start any business at all.